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What's New! 

New Online Learning Modules!

In 2015, we're very proud to introduce the next step in Bently Training, with the launch of Online Learning Modules!  Our first one will focus on the 2300/20 Monitor, with an overview that covers features, connecting of sensors, configuration and more!  It will give you exactly what you need to start using the monitor, all from the convenience of your desk!  And, because it's all virtual, we're passing the cost savings on to you!  Click here to check them all out! 



New ISO certification!

Because ISO certification is a requirement for some customers, we've recently entered some new partnerships to offer ISO 18436 training & certification exams. Bently is working hard to provide everything your company may need! 


SCOUT Portable Vibration Analyzers Training is here!

Based on a design with a proven track record of quality and innovation, Bently Nevada's all-new Scout series data collector, analyzer and balancer has been engineered from the ground up to offer leading-edge reliability, accuracy and usability. The SCOUT platform offers the power and convenience of dual- or four-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing to support all your plant condition monitoring needs from route-based data collection to machinery analysis and balancing. Its balancing functions enable the quick diagnosis and correction of dynamic unbalance, the most common form of unbalance.  For more information or see our various class offerings, please click HERE.


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