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 This instructor-led course teaches students to use the System 1 for Turbo Machinery software in a variety of practical daily use situations. Workshops demonstrate how the platform can be used efficiently to minimize time spent looking at non-significant data, and to focus on the information that is needed to make good management decisions.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Connect to an Enterprise to view data.
  • Check for alarms of a certain severity through the Event Manager and create alarm plots of the latest events, 
  • Use status screens to find bad actors and using alarm plots to look for trend and data correlations at train, machine, and bearing levels as well as point in alarm data     .
  • Use Quick Plots to further investigate reasons for alarms. Create a baseline form the first sample and overlay in spectra and Timebase. Also, generate Waterfall Plots and on points and dynamic data of interest. 
  • Generate Quick reports of the findings in a Word document on at least one machine problem. 
  • Create an Enterprise with a machine train, asset properties, and a 3500 rack.
  • Manager security by adding and/or deleting Authorized Users and Assign Permissions
  • Creating and working with Custom Templates 

Course Length: 3 days
Materials Provided: Training Manual (System 1 Turbo Machinery ToC & Lab Stations with all hardware.
Prerequisite: To maximize the benefit of this course, we also suggest that the student purchases the Data Acquisition CBT and review it prior to attending most of the courses in the Condition Monitoring curriculum.


Programs Status
System 1 for Turbo Machinery 13-Nov-18 - 15-Nov-18 / Minden, NV / MCSSYS200M4618
Course Language:English
Price: $2300 - USD
Class Status: CONFIRMED
Sold Out
System 1 for Turbo Machinery 03-Oct-18 - 05-Oct-18 / Nantes, France / MCSSYS200NF4018
Course Language: English
Price: 2300 - EUR
Class Status: CANCELLED
System 1 for Turbo Machinery / 23-Oct-18 - 26-Oct-18 / Shanghai, China / MCSSYS200C4318
Course Language: Mandarin
Price: 6000 RMB
Class Status: SCHEDULED

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