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This instructor-led course teaches students to use the System 1 Portables software in a variety of practical daily use situations. Workshops demonstrate how the platform can be used efficiently to minimize time spent looking at non-significant data, and to focus on the information that is needed to make good management decisions.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Create an Asset Group, add a machine train, a machine, and it's properties.
  • Use the Automated Instrumentation Process to add Instrumentation. 
  • Create a Route of measurement to be taken.     .
  • Use the Scout or Vb instrument to collect data and then send to System 1 Evolution. 
  • Use the Status tab and Plots tab to analyze the collected data.. 
  • Configure 6 Pack and individual points. 
  • Analyze faults and alarms.
  • Create templates for assets and it's measurements.
  • Manage access through the Security Manager.
  • Restoring and backing-up a database.
  • Remore communications set-up for Scout and Vb data collectors as well  as for a remore server, 

Course Length: 3 days
Materials Provided: Training Manual (System 1 ToC) & Lab Stations with all hardware.
Prerequisite: To maximize the benefit of this course, we recommend either ISO Cat2 certification or having attended our Introduction to Vibration for Portables course.


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