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Welcome to our new Onsite Course Selection and Pricing Tool!

Although we offer an extensive selection of trainings at our worldwide training facilities, you can also request any of our regular courses to be performed “on-site” at your facility as needed.  We can come to you based on your specific needs and schedule.  Click on your region below to start the process!

    • Courses are held in the contiguous US only (does not include Alaska or Hawaii).
    • Two or three day courses start on a Tuesday.
    • Price is based on 8 students per class
    • Price is for one instructor
    • Includes training equipment and manual per student
    • Includes instructor T&L

* - The assumptions listed above allow for fixed price for decisions of on-site vs GE facility and planning.  If needs differ, please advise and we can provide other options.  

** - These offers are contingent upon acceptance of Seller’s Terms and Conditions which can be provided upon request.  

If the course or courses you’re looking for are not listed, please contact (610-256-3876) or submit a request through our email address at



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