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Get an ISO 18436 Category I, II or III Certification

GE set a partnership with Mobius Institute to provide some ISO certification courses to our customers.
Our GE ISO instructors conduct the ISO training in English (Cat. I to III) or in Spanish (Cat. I & II)
either in our Austrian training center or at your site.

For any additional information, please contact Inken Schellmann:



Programs Status
ISO certification / Intermediate Vibration Analyst / 23-Oct-17 - 27-Oct-17 / Vienna, Austria / SIMobiusISOcatII4217
Course Language: English
Price: 2100 - EUR
Class Status: SCHEDULED
ISO certification / Advanced Vibration Analyst / 27-Nov-17 - 01-Dec-17 / Vienna, Austria / SIMobiusISOcatIII46
Course Language: English
Price: 2500 - EUR
Class Status: SCHEDULED
3500 Ops & Maint.

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