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PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced course and you should have either A) previously taken a Machinery Diagnostics course, B) be ISO Level-3 certified in vibration OR C) have extensive experience in vibration, in order to fully benefit from this course.  For more information, please click HERE. If you have any question, feel free to contact us directly.

This high-level, instructor-led course is now fully updated in response to previous participants’ feedback and to meet the most demanding machinery diagnostics challenges. Throughout the training, you will use numerous case studies to apply the concepts you learn to diagnose and fix problems with real machines. With us you will for sure put theory into practice. Case histories highlighting vibration documentation, analysis, and machine malfunction corrective techniques will be presented throughout the course.

Main Topics & Course Objectives 

  • Rotor modeling as a Machinery Diagnostics tool
  • Understanding Anisotropic Systems
  • Balancing Machines
  • Rotor to stator rubs
  • Diagnose and Control of Fluid Induced Instabilities
  • Shaft crack
  • Gear Forces and Frequencies
  • Basics of rolling element bearings
  • Structural Dynamics Analysis

Course Length: 5 days
Materials Provided: Training Manual & Lab Stations with all hardware.
Prerequisite: To maximize the benefit of this course, we suggest that the student has previously completed a Machinery Diagnostics course prior to attending this advanced course.  Click HERE for more information.


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