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This hands-on course teaches the skills necessary to ensure the highest quality of data acquisition and presentation using the ADRE diagnostic system. The course begins with the basics in system configuration and continues through advanced database manipulation tools. The skills you learn will help you get the most value from ADRE Sxp software and the 408 DSPi.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Display vibration and other data types using various plot types for machine condition analysis.
  • Configure the ADRE system to collect machinery data.
  • Acquire data effectively for real-time analysis.
  • Edit, document, and store databases for future use.
  • Operate various ADRE tools to manipulate data and perform advanced analysis.


Course Length: 3 days
Materials Provided: Training Manual & Lab Stations with all hardware.
Prerequisite: To maximize the benefit of this course, we suggest that the student purchases the Data Acquisition CBT and review it prior to attending this course.



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