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3500 Monitoring System for TSI Applications

The TSI course is hands-on for anyone involved with operating and maintaining a 3500 Monitoring System and the associated transducers for large steam turbine generators and is a continuation of the standard 3500 Operation & Maintenance course. Topics include configuring and verifying the 3500/45 ( Differential and Case Expansion, Valve Position, and Thrust).  3500/50 (Rotor Speed, Zero Speed, Rotor Acceleration), and 3500/42 (Eccentricity and Thrust) monitors.  Workshops include practice with 'live' monitors and racks. Experienced  students can attend only the TSI monitors (2 days) or include the standard 3500 course (5 days).   Class sizes are kept small to ensure that students have the opportunity to fully explore the capabilities of the system.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between matched and unmatched proximity transducers, installation pitfalls, and verifying systems using the TK-3 for 11mm, 25mm, and 50mm, and LVDT transducers.
  • Configure and verify monitors  types including the Thrust, Differential and Case Expansion, Rotor Speed (Zero Speed, Acceleration), and Eccentricity
  • Apply software switches, Trip Multiply, and Rack Alarm Inhibit.
  • Interpret monitor LED conditions
  • Apply troubleshooting techniques for transducers and replacement of 3500 monitors.

Prerequisite: 3500 Operation & Maintenance


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